“Mrs. Paul was a passionate teacher. Her students would laugh because so often after introducing a mathematical problem to us, she would rub her hands together, smile big, and say, “Ooooohhhhhh! I LOVE this one! This one is SO good!” She was in love with math, and it in turn made us a little more affectionate for it then we probably normally would have been. The love, energy, and passion she had for her subject was contagious to her students. She applied math to real life situations, and made us realize the importance of understanding math. She was full of stories and scenarios that helped us look at math as something to experience, not just random numbers situated on a homework sheet.


But perhaps the thing that made me respect Mrs. Paul the most was that she took the time to get to know us. She made learning personal. Math was definitely one of my weakest subjects in high school, but I can also say that it was one of my favorites. Not many people can say that their favorite and weakest subject was the same subject, but I can. This was possible because of Mrs. Paul. She went out of her way to provide extra time to help her students. She never got frustrated with us, even when we wanted to give up. She was patient and was intent on providing the best learning experience possible for her students, all the while understanding that each student was different and had different needs.”–Hannah Radar, Aquatics Instructor at Seoul Foreign School