Other Services

The following other services are also offered by Math Plus Educational Services:


ACT & SAT Private Prep Session

 Maximize Your ACT/SAT Score

Private session are open to any students, traditionally schooled or home schooled.
Comprehensive sessions will be offered to help boost overall ACT/SAT scores. Students will take a 90-minute practice test (both multiple choice and free response) that will be scored and returned with suggestions for further improvement.

Each session covers:

• Overview
• Calculators
• Math Review
• Multiple-Choice Questions • Goal setting
• Tricks of the Trade
• Extra for Experts
• Practice Test
• Free Response Questions
• ACT/SAT comparison

 Fee –$450 for 10-one hour sessions

As a part of this package, your student will receive a variety of materials and opportunity to practice testing skills.  To register for a private session, go to SAT_Math_Prep_Classes_2016-17. Please send the completed form and a check for fees to Angela Paul.

Other packages are available. For more information, contact Mrs. Angela Paul at 678-799-4125.

 A parent is welcomed to attend the session with the student at no additional cost. An extra $10 should be included for materials if a parent attends in addition to the student.


As an independent educational consultant, Angela Paul, helps parents, students, and organizations with educational planning. Consultations start at $75.00 per hour.  To make a consultation appointment, call 678-799-4125 or email jimangpaul@juno.com.

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