Class Schedule for 2017–18


Math classes ($625)

Advanced Math

Tuesdays   9:00 – 10:30 AM

Prerequisite – Algebra 2 or instructor approval

Precalculus and Trigonometry will be studied in this rigorous course. We will utilize the Advanced Mathematical Concepts Textbook by Merrill. This course is an excellent preparation for calculus and all advanced math topics. A graphing calculator is required.
Summer review problems available upon request.

 AP Calculus AB

Tuesdays 12:00 – 1:30 PM

Prerequisite – Precalculus and Trigonometry

The Addison-Wesley text is used in this rigorous college prep course. Emphasis is on preparing students for science, math, and engineering related studies at the collegiate level. Graphing calculator required. Summer review problems available upon request.

Science classes ($750)

AP Chemistry

Tuesdays 10:30 – noon

Lab on Thursday 9 – 12 pm

Co-requisite Algebra 2

We will have fun diving deep into the mysteries of our material world. In this class, we will make sense of the math behind science and perform experiments to back it up. Our main textbook will be the Zumdahl book, but we will supplement with additional material. Labs will meet on the second Thursday of each month beginning in September. This is college level course and has a co-requisite of Algebra 2 or instructor’s approval.

To register, go to and download forms. For more information, call Angela Paul at 678-799-4125 or email