Meet Angela Paul


Angela Paul is the Chief Operating Officer of Math Plus Educational Services. Mrs. Paul has tutored and taught math and science for over 25 years. She was educated at MIT and Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) where she obtained a master’s degree in chemical engineering. She has taught at both the secondary and collegiate levels and has been instrumental in helping home-schooled students get into college for more than 15 years.  All of the classes are taught by Angela Paul.

Mrs. Paul is a veteran in the home education community. She has homeschooled all of her and her husband, Jim’s, four children. The Paul’s first decided to homeschool back in 1984, the year that the current law was passed in Georgia. Their interest in homeschooling grew out of the love they had for young people and education. From starting and leading a local homeschool association and establishing and coaching athletic programs, both Jim and Angela have been very active in the homeschooling community in a variety of ways.

Angela Paul is also the director of Northeast Independent Preparatory Academy (NIPA). NIPA is an association of homeschooling families who wish for their children to have diplomas recognized by the state of Georgia.


  1. Hi Mrs. Paul,
    I am a homeschool mom of four and found this information online.
    I am wondering if this is an online study or in classroom/home study? Please let me know at your earliest convenience.
    Thanks, Erin


    1. Hi Erin,

      I’m the webmaster for Mrs. Paul’s website.

      Mrs. Paul does classes in her home two days a week. She also conducts science labs a couple of Thursdays each month. She does not offer an online study option.

      Hope this helps.

      Deanna Cauthen


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